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Meet JobInventory Contributor CareerPlug!

Today we’ll be meeting JobInventory Contributor CareerPlug. CareerPlug provides powerful, sophisticated and user-friendly hiring software that is  specifically designed to help enterprises recruit the very best employees more efficiently. From resume tracking, to reference checking, to individual applicant tracking and assessment, CareerPlug has proven itself  to be a powerful employment resource to over 4,500 respected companies. One great thing in particular that CareerPlug can do for a business is post job openings to a corporate Web site, job board, or major Job Search Engine. Obviously, this is where JobInventory is proud to partner with CareerPlug by featuring thousands of CareerPlug jobs within our own Index. This is a perfect match because it gives CareerPlug clients access to the large pool of qualified job seekers that visit JobInventory everyday, and of course JobInventory benefits by being able to provide so many great jobs to the job seekers who visit our site.

So, with all of that having been said, lets get to know a little bit more about …


Thanks for sitting down with us today.

Maybe you can just get us started by briefly describing  what it is that CareerPlug is and/or does?

Sure, well simply put, we provide Hiring Software for Non-Software People. With our applicant tracking system and recruitment services, our entire goal is to make the hiring process as easy as possible.

Okay, then what specific services and resources do you provide for job seekers?

Well, our services are more aimed at employers, but our ultimate goal is to help companies find great employees and to help great candidates find jobs.

Our clients receive personalized career pages, one-click job distribution, customizable applications, online applicant tracking, interview and reference check guides, integrated background checker, and detailed analytics. We also have a recruitment campaign side of our company where we can search for qualified candidates to fill high-volume hiring needs or even just an important position. We then reach out to candidates and tell them about our clients’ opportunities.

How did you guys get started and how have your business evolved?

CareerPlug began in 2007 as a classic start-up: think office in the spare bedroom and a tremendous amount of hard work and long days. Now we’re a company of nearly 20 employees and over 5,000 clients. We launched our applicant tracking software in 2012 and have since been working to constantly improve the hiring process. At some point, it got personal. We’re software-makers. We could do better than that.

Who is the main audience for your services?

Small to Medium sized businesses. Hiring Managers and Recruiters.

What is it about CareerPlug that makes it unique?

Some companies in our industry try to make extra money by charging for phone support, and their phone numbers are nowhere to be found. We take the opposite approach. Your Dedicated Account Manager will provide you with personalized, proactive service, and our
Recruitment Services team is here to source resumes for your most important hires. We emphasize service that goes ‘above and beyond’ … and it works.

If you could tell millions of job seekers about your service, what would you tell them?

We’re here to help employers find great candidates like you!

What would you like to specifically say to employers?

We know your time is valuable and that hiring can be a headache. Our focus is making your lives easier by helping you create an organized and simple process.

Is there anything else you think our readers may be interested to know, or be surprised to learn about your company.

We have a really special company culture. We recently revised our core values and we’re doing a lot of internal work to make them a part of our daily workday. For example, we give shout-outs to our co-workers who are exemplifying a core value and put together a newsletter of everyone’s recognition at the end of the month.

Alright, well thanks very much! It’s been great to get to know a little bit more about CareerPlug and the innovative and powerful hiring software you provide for your clients. Best of luck in your continued success! 

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