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Welcome to our very first JobInventory Contributor Spotlight!

We love our Contributors here at JobInventory. They really are the backbone of what we do. They provide a great many of the over 6 million jobs available every day in our searchable Index. With so many quality jobs available to choose from, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the right one for you -which is exactly what we mean when we say, Your Next Job Is Here!

So that’s why we thought you might want to learn a little bit more about some of these great Contributors. And what better way to do this then to interview each of them, and then post their responses here in our regular Contributor Spotlight feature article. This way they can tell you in their own words a little bit more about themselves and the many unique services they provide.

Today’s Contributor Spotlight will focus on JobInventory Contributor InFocusJobs, LLC, and in particular on the two great niche employment sites that they manage, and Both sites were founded in 2007 by Brad McCorkle, and have evolved to become two of the the most comprehensive single resources for eye care jobs and pharmacy jobs on the web today.

LocalEyeSiteIn PharmacyJobs



Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.

To get us started could you just give us a brief summary of InFocusJobs, LLC -what is it that you guys do exactly?

We build and operate niche job sites that serve medical verticals such as Ophthalmology, Optometry and Pharmacy.

Okay, well that sounds interesting. Could you expand on that a little, and maybe give us a few specifics about the type of services you provide to job seekers?

We provide jobs that are relevant to professionals in the industries we serve. Job-seekers love our site because employers are transparent, and offering “real” jobs in their career field. The job-seekers may also register to receive job alerts from our employer customers. Privacy is important in niche industries, so job-seekers love the fact that they can register to our site and remain anonymous, unless they choose to reveal their identity to the employers.

Tell us a little about your history -when did InFocusJobs, LLC begin, and how has it evolved?

Our company was founded in late 2007. Prior to founding the company, our founder Brad McCorkle, had a career in pharmaceutical sales. Through his time in medical clinics during his pharmaceutical career, he gained an appreciation for the challenges associated with recruiting medical professionals. Brad set out to create a model that would make it easier and more cost-effective for medical employers to target medical professionals online. We began by focusing on only one medical specialty, Ophthalmology. Today, that site, is the leading recruitment site in eye care. The model worked so well that we’ve replicated our model into the Pharmacy space with More sites to come.

Who is your target audience?

Medical professionals.

What makes your Job Boards unique?

Custom technology developed in-house specifically for the medical verticals we serve. We understand the needs of the medical professionals we serve, and our sites are developed specifically to meet their employment needs.

What would you say specifically to job seekers?

As a passive or active job-seeker, look for job site organizations that are vested in your industry. In every industry we serve, we attend trade shows, belong to associations, and seek to understand the specific needs of the medical professionals we serve.

What would you like to say to employers?

Jobs posted on our sites are also promoted by our industry association and trade publication partners. Our sites therefore deliver a significant amount of job-seeker exposure, yet the exposure is targeted to the medical professionals in the medical verticals we serve. The result is a manageable number of qualified applicants, saving the employer time and money.

All right, anything else you’ like to add here?

We form partnerships with trade magazines and associations within the medical spaces that we serve. Through these partnerships we power Career Centers or job boards on the websites of our partners. The upside for our employer customers is that their jobs are being exposed to a wide net of targeted, experienced job-seekers by virtue of how we market through our association and trade pub partners.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about InFocusJobs, LLC, and your two great job sites, InPharmacyJobs and LocalEyeSite  -we’ll be sure to visit you there!

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