Contributor Spotlight – Recruitics

Meet JobInventory Contributor Recruitics!

Today we will take the opportunity to learn a little more about JobInventory Contributor Recruitics. Recruitics is unique among our Contributors in that it is actually a software platform for recruitmant marketing. In fact, Recruitics is now the world’s most advanced platform for managing and optimizing recruitment marketing Pay Per Click campaigns.  JobInventory is pleased to include many Recruitics clientele jobs within our index of over six million plus available jobs.  So, lets get started then…


Hello, and thanks for sitting down with us today.

First off, could you just tell us a little about what it is that Recruitics does?

Well in a nutshell, we provide advertising and marketing strategies for companies that allow them to track performance of jobs at aggregators. Put another way, our platform enables Job Boards, staffing companies, and corporate recruitment teams to obtain the highest return on investment for their PPC strategy. You can read about some of the technical details HERE.

So, when did Recruitics begin, and how has it evolved?

Recruitics has been in business for about two years now.  We started as in-house software for our parent company,  but then we decided to expand this software to other companies.

How would you describe the main target audience for the services you provide?

Our services are available to the Direct Employer, Staffing Firms, Job Boards and Lead Gen

What is it that makes Recruitics so unique?

We provide recruiting metrics for clients by job. This is something no one else in the industry is currently able to do.

What would you like to say to employers?

Stop wasting clicks on jobs that don’t need it! Let’s focus on the hard to fill.

Well, it’s been great learning about Recruitics and the amazing technology you employ to make sure your clients achieve the results they are looking for! 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

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