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Meet JobInventory Contributor Shiftgig

Today we’ll be interviewing  JobInventory Contributor Shiftgig.

Shiftgig is the online community and employment website geared specifically toward those in the service and hospitality industries. Shiftgig prides themselves on providing “better connections for better employment”. More specifically, they help job candidates and hiring managers easily and directly connect with one another, with the result that great jobs get filled by great candidates. Or, as they put it, “We save employers time and money by streamlining the hiring process and delivering high-quality candidates.”

Beyond this main purpose Shiftgig also offers a few other notable features and tools. For example, Shiftgig WorkNow features temporary jobs on a shift-by-shift basis.  With this tool the jobseeker can choose when they work.  It’s perfect for making quick cash and for people with busy schedules. Shiftgig also makes it easy for people to connect with other people in the industry, get references and/or referrals, as well as show off social influence. Finally, Shiftgig is also a great place to visit to keep up on the latest industry news, events and deals.

The best way to see all that Shiftgig has to offer is of course to visit their websitebut in the meantime you can aways find thousands of amazing Shiftgig jobs everyday on Jobinventory. JobInventory is proud of their longtime partnership Shiftgig. So, without further ado, why don’t we get to know a little bit more about Shiftgig and the many services they offer…..


Thanks for sitting down with us today.

I understand that Shiftgig is a niche Job site -Can you explain a little more about that for our readers? 

Shiftgig is an online marketplace that connects workers with jobs in the restaurant, nightlife, hotel, and retail industries. Shiftgig collects client requirements, worker skills, and real-time shift data to provide smarter and more timely matches.

Great, so what type of services/resources does Shiftgig specifically provide for jobseekers?

Shiftgig presents thousands of full-time, part-time and temporary opportunities to job seekers. Shiftgig helps them build powerful personal profiles that can be used in place of resumes to distinguish themselves from their peers. While a traditional resume provides little more than employment history, Shiftgig profiles include photos and social media statistics, which enable candidates to display their unique personality and social connectedness without exposing their
personal lives. There is also a reputation feature that allows peers and former employers to rate an employee’s skills and job performance. Once they have built their profiles, they can connect with their peers through the site to build their network and their personal brand.

Additionally, Shiftgig’s original content pages, The Goods, provides a steady
stream of articles daily to educate, entertain and provide a platform for
social interaction.

Tell us a little bit about the history of Shiftgig?  How has it evolved over time?

Shiftgig was founded in July 2011 and launched in January 2012. At the time, LinkedIn added a lot of value as a digital community for white-collar professionals. In 2011, my co-founders and I believed that Shiftgig could add a lot of value to service industry professionals by providing a digital marketplace.

Who is your main target audience?

Shiftgig can help anyone in the service industry  who would like to get a new job, find additional shifts, or simply connect with others in the community.

What is it about your Shiftgig that makes it so unique?

As it is nearly impossible to gauge the personality of a candidate from a resume alone, Shiftgig profiles provide a wealth of information to more accurately display a candidate’s personality, social network and interests -which are important indicators to whether they will fit in a
business’s culture. Shiftgig provides employers with Facebook and Twitter statistics without providing access to the profiles themselves providing useful data without compromising privacy.

Sheer numbers alone also make Shiftgig the best source for finding great candidates. There are currently more than 1,050,000 users on the site, making it easy to deliver the best candidates for service industry positions time and again.

What advice would you offer to the many jobseekers who visit JobInventory everyday ?

If you create a great profile that demonstrates your personality and social influence, jobs will apply to you.

And what would you like to say to employers?

Shiftgig provides a wealth of high-quality candidates through job postings and advanced search functions, making it easy for businesses to find the perfect hire quickly and efficiently. When an employer posts a job, Shiftgig syndicates job postings to more than 20 job boards (including JobInventory, of course) resulting in views by potentially millions of candidates. Upon selecting a group of desirable candidates, the hiring manager can arrange for interviews using site based messaging features. Ultimately, Shiftgig shortens and improves the hiring process by offering intelligent matching, more comprehensive information on job candidates and the greatest depth in high-quality candidates.

And with Shiftgig, posting jobs is free!

Is there anything else about Shiftgig that you think our readers may be interested to know, or be surprised to learn?

Shiftgig was recently used as a data source by author and OKCupid CEO, Christian Rudder in his book Dataclysm. Mr. Rudder’s contention was that with the significant amount of data we have from sites such as OKCupid and Shiftgig, we can learn a lot about dating and job hunting.

Well thank you very much! It’s been very great to learn more about Shiftgig and the many great services and resources you offer those seeking employment in the service and hospitality industry. Best of luck to you in your continued success!

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