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Welcome to another JobInventory Contributor Spotlight!

Today we will take the opportunity to learn a little more about JobInventory Contributor TipTopJob. TipTopJob is a  major job employment site, both here in the United States, and also Internationally.  JobInventory is proud to include all of the U.S based TipTopJob listings within our Index. TipTopJob is unique in that it is actually a network of both generic and specialist job sites. It is this powerful combination that allows TipTopJob to proudly proclaim themselves to be  the number one International Job Board network for worldwide job search. So, without further ado…


Hello, and thanks for sitting down with us.

First, to get things started, could you just tell us a little about TipTop Job and what it does?

TipTopJob is an unique network of generic and specialist job sites that cover 83 countries and 61 industry sectors. The group offers services that facilitate a match between job advertisers, employers and jobseekers. In addition to our main website, our network of sites include 35 specialist job sites, which can be found listed here: Specialist Job Boards and Job Sites

And what specific type of services/resources do you provide to job seekers?

In addition to our online job search and CV/Resume uploading, we also offer many great advise type services through our Career Centre and affiliated Partners. These services include CV/Resume writing, psychometric/recruitment testing, skills training and development, and more. Check out a full listing of our many job seeker services here on our Career Centre page and here on our Partners page.

Tell us a little about your background -how/when did TipTopJob begin, and how has it evolved over the years?

TipTopJob was launched in 2002 by Michael Dauncey, who is the Chairman of the Company. Anjim Qureshi was the Project Manager and Chief Architect of the system. Then in 2004, in response to marketplace demand for niche job sites, we launched industry specific job sites such as and theSALESjob.

And then we were really off and running,
2012 – Reached 3 million candidates registered on the database
2012 – Voted number 1 for worldwide search
2012 – Reached 1.8 million unique visitors per month
2014 – Reached 500,000 live vacancies

How would you describe the main target audience for the services you provide?

Anyone looking for a new job in any industry sector in any country.

What is it that makes TipTopJob so unique?

We own a network of specialist job sites as well as our generic TipTopJob site. This means that clients benefit from our specialist, niche traffic, as well as from the volumes originating from the generic site. This also allows jobseekers to use whichever of the sites they prefer the look and feel of. Meanwhile, clients benefit by the ability to advertise their jobs across any of our network of job sites, and from using multiple job boards from a single client account. We believe no one else can offer the opportunity to advertise on a generic site AND a specialist job site in just one transaction. We also help clients with International advertising in 83 countries. On our site clients have the ability to advertise for candidates in any country by using our country specific domains (e.g.,, etc.) and jobseekers can register their accounts on the localized site where they are based.

What would you tell millions of job seekers about your service?

We are the number one International job board network, with over 500,000 live vacancies to search through in 61 Industries. We let you know when jobs are registered through our Email Alert system and you can save up to 5 CV’s and cover letter’s in your account to be able to customize applications to specific jobs. We have something for everyone!

What would you like to say specifically to employers?

We are a unique network of sites that can help any recruiter with localized or International job advertising. We can filter applications so those outside of the location restrictions are not sent. We also provide other advertising services including CV search, banner advertising, and email marketing.

Please add anything else you think our readers may be interested to know, or be surprised to learn about TipTopJob.

  • TipTopJob is not just a generic international job board, it allows users to utilize a specialist site if they prefer.
  • TipTopJob can be found on all social networks and has pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to like, add, and follow.
  • TipTopJob is also the founder of National Hug Your Boss Day which runs in August every year to promote good working relationships.

Well, it’s been great learning all about TipTopJob and the many services you provide. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!



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