Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About JobInventory -But Were Afraid To Ask

So who exactly is this JobInventory everyone keeps talking about?

So, one thing we’ll be doing here on a regular basis is turning a spotlight on some of the many amazing Contributors we have to the JobInventory Index. After all, it’s these Contributors whose jobs make up the core of what we do here. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy learning more about them and the many great services they offer. Our first Contributor Spotlight will start this Wednesday, and you can look forward to seeing them on a regular basis after that.

In the meantime however, we thought we should turn the spotlight on ourselves first. This way you can get a preview of what to expect from our Contributor Spotlights, and also get to know a little bit more about JobInventory itself and exactly what it is we do.

So to kick things off, here’s an interview we did with, well, ourselves.

Thanks for sitting down with us to answer a few questions.
Alright, first, I have to say, you’re looking better than ever! Did you maybe make some recent changes?

Uh, yeah thanks for noticing …we’re excited about it. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s easy -It’s the new me!  We hope everyone likes it.

Well speaking for myself, as myself, -I love it!

Anyway, let’s get started here. First, why don’t you tell us a little about the type of services you provide to job seekers?

Alright, first and foremost we are a job search engine. So basically, we give job seekers the ability to find their perfect job by doing a quick and simple search from our search bar.  We bring all the jobs to you in one place so you don’t have to spend countless hours endlessly searching hundreds of job sites all over the web. We also provide custom tailored daily Job alerts for those job seekers who want to take advantage of them.

Tell us a little about your history -when did JobInventory begin, and how has it evolved?

We began in 2009, and we now have a daily jobs Index of almost 6 million jobs provided by hundreds of Contributors from some of the very best and most reputable job sites on the web today.

Who is your target audience?

Job Seekers seeking almost any kind of job anywhere in the U.S. (at least for now, stay tuned for International listings)

What makes JobInventory unique?

No ads – just jobs. Also, we never intervene between the Job seeker and the Employer, unlike some of our competitors.

What would you say specifically to job seekers?

Your Next Job Is Here! -no seriously, check us out, we have the job you’re looking for!

What would you like to say to employers?

If you already have a job feed formatted for another major job search engine, chances are good that we can use that exact same feed AS IS, with no formatting on your part required. Just visit our Add Jobs page to get started.

Can you sum up JobInventory for us in 250 words or less?

We are a search engine with one goal, to give job seekers the quickest access to the largest selection of jobs from the widest variety of sources on the Internet – and do it all without the influence of paid advertising. How’s that?

Pretty good -I’m impressed. All right, anything else you’ like to add here?

Well, I would just mention that we accept jobs from all sources. Job BoardsEmployersRecruiters, etc. Many other sites prefer one type of job over another depending on where it originates. This vastly limits the job seeker’s choices. We include all jobs leaving the selection process up to the job seeker. Oh also, one more thing…Your Next Job Is HERE!

Okay, okay, got it! Seriously though thanks for taking the time to chat with me about me. It was a pleasure.


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