Contributor Spotlight – Workable

Meet JobInventory Contributor Workable!

Today we’ll be meeting JobInventory Contributor Workable. Workable is unique in that they are not themselves a Job Board or an employer. Workable is actually the provider of beautifully simple recruiting software that is specifically geared to help fast-growing companies. Their software is designed to replace tedious enterprise software and excel sheets with a straightforward tool that their clients will actually enjoy using. From career pages and job board syndication, to collaboration, scheduling, social recruiting and analytics, Workable Continue reading

Contributor Spotlight – Smart Rhino Labs, LLC

Meet JobInventory Contributor Smart Rhino Labs, LLC!

Today we will be sitting down with JobInventory Contributor Smart Rhino Labs, LLC. Smart Rhino Labs is unique in that it is an online marketing agency composed of Developers, Marketers, and Salesmen that all work together to provide lead generation, recruiting, and development services for their clients. JobInventory partners with Smart Rhino Labs on the recruiting side to help match great jobs to qualified job seekers. For example, you can find Continue reading

The Hot List – Bright Outlook Careers

Five Bright Outlook Careers You Can Find On JobInventory!

Are you thinking about starting a new career? Trying to decide on your college major? Well how about considering a career path with a particularly “Bright Outlook”? Our friends over at O*NET (the Occupational Information Network), have combed through reams of employment data, and made their results available to the public. In this report, O*Net, the nations primary source of occupational information, has defined Bright Outlook Careers as specific job sectors where they can confidently predict significantly rapid growth over the next several years. This growth will then create an especially large number of new job openings. Continue reading

Contributor Spotlight – Recruitics

Meet JobInventory Contributor Recruitics!

Today we will take the opportunity to learn a little more about JobInventory Contributor Recruitics. Recruitics is unique among our Contributors in that it is actually a software platform for recruitmant marketing. In fact, Recruitics is now the world’s most advanced platform for managing and optimizing recruitment marketing Pay Per Click campaigns.  JobInventory is pleased to include many Recruitics clientele jobs within our index Continue reading

Are You Using Our Powerful Job Alert Tool?

Job Alert -get the inside track advantage!

What exactly is a JobInventory Job Alert?

Simply put, a Job Alert is an email letting you know about any new job opportunities in your specified industry and location. JobInventory allows you to create your own customized Job Alert quickly and easily. Once your alert is created we will send you an e-mail when new entries (or even a single entry) are added to the top search results for the specific search term you ask JobInventory to monitor. Whether you are an active job seeker, who currently needs employment, or a passive one, just trying to stay in the loop, Job Alerts are sure to be a critical aid to your success.

What are the advantages of creating a Job Alert?

When you create a Job Alert you receive emails, daily or weekly, letting you know as soon as any new jobs match your criteria. This is great because it allows you to apply for jobs Continue reading

Contributor Spotlight -TipTopJob

Welcome to another JobInventory Contributor Spotlight!

Today we will take the opportunity to learn a little more about JobInventory Contributor TipTopJob. TipTopJob is a  major job employment site, both here in the United States, and also Internationally.  JobInventory is proud to include all of the U.S based TipTopJob listings within our Index. TipTopJob is unique in that it is actually a network of both generic and specialist job sites. It is this powerful combination that allows TipTopJob to proudly proclaim themselves to Continue reading

Contributor Spotlight – In Focus Jobs, LLC

Welcome to our very first JobInventory Contributor Spotlight!

We love our Contributors here at JobInventory. They really are the backbone of what we do. They provide a great many of the over 6 million jobs available every day in our searchable Index. With so many quality jobs available to choose from, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the right one for you -which is exactly what we mean when we say, Your Next Job Is Here!

So that’s why we thought you might want to learn a little bit more about some of these great Contributors. And what better way to do this then to interview each of them, and then post their responses here in our regular Contributor Spotlight feature article. This way they can Continue reading

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About JobInventory -But Were Afraid To Ask

So who exactly is this JobInventory everyone keeps talking about?

So, one thing we’ll be doing here on a regular basis is turning a spotlight on some of the many amazing Contributors we have to the JobInventory Index. After all, it’s these Contributors whose jobs make up the core of what we do here. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy learning more about them and the many great services they offer. Our first Contributor Spotlight will start this Wednesday, and you can look forward to seeing them on a regular basis after that.

In the meantime however, we thought we should turn the spotlight on ourselves first. This way you can get a preview of what to expect from our Contributor Spotlights, and also get to know a little bit more about JobInventory itself and exactly what it is we do.
Continue reading

Welcome to the New JobInventory Blog!

Hello World!

First, a little bit about who we are. JobInventory is one of the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive job search engines on the web today. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering job seekers the quickest access, to the largest selection of jobs, from the widest variety of sources on the Internet. Our vast index of jobs is made possible by contributions from some of the very best Job Boards (both big and small), Employers and Recruiters in the industry.  JobInventory is also free to use, for both job seekers and employers alike. So, simply put –Your Next Job Is Here.

Beyond all of that good stuff, we’re also always striving to improve and expand our services. Continue reading