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Meet JobInventory Contributor Crelate!

Today we’ll be getting to know JobInventory Contributor Crelate. Crelate is a powerful software service that is part Applicant Tracking System, part relationship management system, and part corporate social network. Specifically, Crelate gives their clients the ability to build and maintain a referral network, track applicants to job postings, communicate with business colleagues, and ultimately find the right talent for their organization. Crelate aims their services primarily at recruiters of all kinds – executive search firms, contingency recruiting shops, boutique recruiters, internal recruiters, hiring managers, and networkers. Crelate is a self described “talent management system” and sums up their overall mission with the achievement of three goals.

  • Help build meaningful relationships between employees and potential employees
  • Create a system that doesn’t require a lot of your time.
  • Provide s system that is easy for small and mid-sized companies to buy, implement, and use.

JobInventory is proud to include Crelate as one of our highly valued Contributors. So, if you are a Jobseeker we encourage you to check out the many hundreds of  Crelate opportunities you can find on our site -there’s a pretty good chance that at least one of them will be the perfect match to your specific goals and abilities.

So, without further ado let’s get to know Crelate…

Crelate Logo

Thanks you for chatting with us today.

Why don’t we start with you giving us a brief summary of what it is that Crelate does?

Sure, simply put Crelate is a modern, fast, and full featured Applicant Tracking System for professional recruiters.

Okay, and what specific services and resources do you provide for job seekers

We provide candidates with all of the details they will need  to be able to apply to the jobs offered by our customers.

Tell us a little bit about the origins of Crealate?

Well, after successfully growing an extremely fast growing technology consulting company in a very competitive space – we learned first hand the importance of finding, closing and growing top talent. After exiting this business, we decided to use our background and product development to launch a better applicant tracking system – one that would have helped us grow our previous business better.

Who is your target audience?

We primarily cater to professional recruiters as well as hiring managers and recruiting teams within fast growing companies.

What is it about Crelate that makes it distinct from other employment sites?

We offer a modern, fast and flexible ATS – we actively listen to our customers and change quickly our offerings and product based on feedback.

What would you say specifically about Crelate to the many jobseekers who visit JobInventory everyday ?

Three things.

  1. Write cover letters that show you care / took the time to investigate the position and company.
  2. Create a resume that is easily parsed by ATS systems. Many employers use applicant tracking systems – and your fancy resume that is processed as garbage isn’t helping you get noticed.
  3. If you get an interview, write a thank you letter/email. It still matters.

And what would you like to specifically say to employers?

If you are managing your hiring process in email and Excel – you are probably doing it wrong. When I look back at all the time I wasted and lost by not having a decent tool to track and move the hiring process along; I cringe. Employers should think about all the time it
takes sourcing candidates, getting in touch with them, getting them to the interview stage, getting them through that process, gathering feedback and making decisions. Your team is busy and you have better things to do then to try to find old resumes in a pile of email. Crelate can help solve these problems for a very reasonable price.

Alright, well thanks very much! It’s been great to get to learn a little bit more about Crelate and your unique and powerful Talent management System.

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