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Meet JobInventory Contributor Internet Brands

Today we’ll be chatting with JobInventory Contributor Internet Brands.

Since launching in 1998 as, Internet Brands has grown to become a fully integrated online media and client services organization focused on four high-value vertical categories: Automotive, Health, Legal and Home/Travel.

The company’s award-winning consumer websites lead their categories and serve more than 100 million monthly visitors.  Additionally, Internet Brands also operates candidate portals on behalf of their recruiting and direct employer customers. These portals are usually embedded into the customer’s own websites and list all of the employer’s available jobs there . In this way and through a full range of web-based services Internet Brands has established many deep, long-term relationships with small and medium business clients, as well as enterprise clients.

Internet Brands owns and operates hundreds of websites but in today’s interview we’d will be focusing on one of their flagship trucking sites in particular,

So, if you happen to be a truck driver looking for work we encourage you to  check out the many thousands of  ClassADriver jobs you can find on JobInventory today. In the meantime, lets get to know a little bit more about this great website…

Internet Brands





Thanks you for taking some time to speak with us today.

So today we will be focusing on one of your many great websites, specifically your premiere trucking site So could you get us just tell us a little bit about Class a Drivers (CAD)? 

Class A Drivers is the leading job board and community for professional truck drivers. Through our application matching system drivers apply to multiple jobs at once, giving employers
highly filtered results to their posts.

Okay, so what specific services and resources does this site provide for those seeking jobs in as truck drivers?

Well, the primary way for drivers to find employment is to search the company listings and job posts from companies actively hiring drivers. Drivers can use our company directory search tool to research and learn more about employers via detailed company profiles where they can view pay and benefit info, hiring criteria, company contact information, including toll-free numbers and other important details. Drivers can also fill out one easy application and have it sent to all matching companies hiring in their area. Once registered, they can start to receive daily job alerts letting them know when new positions become available. CAD has a monthly newsletter filled with recent jobs, featured companies and timely articles that goes out to over 85,000 subscribers. The Class A Drivers forum also provides an online trucking community where users can get advice from fellow drivers, share their stories from the road, or simply discuss the issues they’re interested in.

Great, well can you tell us a little bit about the history of ClassADrivers and how it has evolved over time?

Sure. CAD was initially launched on October 15, 2000 and acquired by Internet Brands in 2007. The site was completely rebuilt and redesigned in March 2013 which kept the same great features but with a modern user experience that is optimized for any screen size or device. The redesign makes it easier than ever for drivers to browse through dozens of trucking
companies and thousands of available jobs on their computer, tablet or smartphone, while updated tools for employers simplify job posting and searching our application database. We continuously work every day to improve the site so we offer the best possible experience for drivers and employers.

What kind of truck drivers are you looking for then?

Our target audience is experienced company drivers, Owner Operators, and inexperienced drivers looking for training or their first job out of trucking school. Trucking companies and independent recruiters are the ones who pay the bills since it’s 100% free for
drivers to use the site.

What is it about CAD that makes it distinct from other truck driver employment sites?

CAD’s comprehensive application matching system, state-of-the-art website with mobile-friendly design, hands-on customer support for both companies and drivers, supported by the resources of our large internet-focused parent company. For example, we integrate directly with applicant tracking systems to pull automated feeds of job posts and we also can push applications directly into their system to avoid emailed applications. We also have an extremely sophisticated technical infrastructure that stores all driver information in a secure, encrypted database that is behind state-of-the-art firewalls and other security infrastructure.

What advice would you offer to the many jobseekers who visit JobInventory everyday ?

The trucking industry is facing a massive shortage in the coming years. There are job opportunities all over the country for qualified truck drivers and having a profile on CAD greatly increases your chances of landing the right job.

And what would you like to specifically say to employers?

Over 100,000 truckers visit CAD each month and we have over 280,000 driver profiles in our database. Trucker registrations are up 170% this year and job applications sent per month have doubled. We have changed our marketing efforts to focus on job posts, which have resulted in an increase in job post views per month of 464% over 2013 and more importantly an 80% increase in completed job applications.

Is there anything else you think our readers may be interested to know, or be surprised to learn about your CAD?

If a driver tries to apply to a company or job that they’re not qualified for, we don’t just tell them that they’re not a good fit,  we also suggest companies that ARE a good match. Our goal is to connect drivers with trucking companies that really need their experience; not waste everyone’s time to inflate our statistics. It’s this kind of straight shooter approach which makes us a favorite for both drivers and employers.

Alright, well thanks very much! It’s been great to get to learn a little bit more about Internet Brands and your great truck driving jobs site ClassADrivers.

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