Contributor Spotlight – Workable

Meet JobInventory Contributor Workable!

Today we’ll be meeting JobInventory Contributor Workable. Workable is unique in that they are not themselves a Job Board or an employer. Workable is actually the provider of beautifully simple recruiting software that is specifically geared to help fast-growing companies. Their software is designed to replace tedious enterprise software and excel sheets with a straightforward tool that their clients will actually enjoy using. From career pages and job board syndication, to collaboration, scheduling, social recruiting and analytics, Workable provides everything needed to manage recruitment.  JobInventory is proud to include many great Workable client  job listings. via their Job Board syndication feature.

So, without further ado…

So, why don’t you just get us started with a brief description of Workable and what it can do.

Well, simply put, Workable is a cloud-based solution that helps companies advertise jobs, screen candidates and accelerate their hiring process. Hyper-growth companies like Intercom, Vend and Invision, rely on Workable to build great teams.

Okay, well then what type of services and resources do you provide for the typical job seeker?

Workable enables job seekers to be reached by even more employers through its job board syndication feature, plus it allows them to have a smoother and more user-friendly experience when applying, thanks to the mobile-friendly career sites that employers can build.

Tell us a little about Workable’s history -how has your business evolved over time?

For years, we recruited for fast-growing companies. Went through thousands of resumes, down bottomless mail threads and countless job boards, each with its own posting structure. Roughed it with tedious applicant tracking software, the obligatory excel files on-the-side and the impossible coordination of interviews and feedback.

At some point, it got personal. We’re software-makers. We could do better than that.

We dreamt of software that’s already hooked up with major job sites and candidate sources. Single-submission job postings, search-optimized job descriptions, free job boards and bulk discounts.

The really crazy ones said this would all be wrapped inside a beautiful design that doesn’t look like business software at all – with intuitive controls, natural workflows and language that people understand. Friendly customer service with hiring expertise would answer your emails in minutes. They’d pick up the phone and help you organize your own recruitment the way you need it. Double rainbows would float in the skies and rivers would be made of milk and honey.

And yet, here we are. And here it is. The recruitment software we would want to use ourselves: simple, efficient and gorgeous. It has everything hiring managers need, and nothing they don’t. It does the boring stuff for them so they can focus on finding the right candidate. It’s built for teams. It’s on the cloud, it’s cheap, it doesn’t need a manual, it gets the job done. It’s Workable.

Although Workable have been selling their product for only 12 months, we currently have more than 650 active customers and we’re growing at a rate of about 20% m/m – the best is yet to come!

Who is the main audience for your services?

Small and mid size companies, startups,  and non-profits.

What is it that makes Workable unique?

We value simplicity, choosing the features that matter the most. Precisely because we’re not trying to be everything to every company, we can afford to skip the complexity of too many options and too many features that most companies don’t need.

We put all our focus on finding the right candidate. The hard part of hiring should be choosing the best candidate from a good shortlist instead of building that shortlist in the first place. Workable will help you spend more time with your shortlist candidates and less time screening the ones you don’t need.

We believe that efficient communication can replace complex workflows, allowing you to easily collaborate with comments and notifications – concepts that any Facebook user is already familiar with.

We know that hiring is a second job for most people involved in it,  so we made an interface that’s easy to use and good looking  –so it feels a little bit less like work.

What would you like to specifically tell employers about Workable’s services?

Workable is beautifully simple software that helps you do your hiring. As simple as that. Plus, it’s free to take it for a spin and see if it works out for your needs.

Well, thanks very much for speaking to us about Workable and the great software services you provide to make sure your clients achieve the results they are looking for! 

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