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Meet JobInventory Contributor Smart Rhino Labs, LLC!

Today we will be sitting down with JobInventory Contributor Smart Rhino Labs, LLC. Smart Rhino Labs is unique in that it is an online marketing agency composed of Developers, Marketers, and Salesmen that all work together to provide lead generation, recruiting, and development services for their clients. JobInventory partners with Smart Rhino Labs on the recruiting side to help match great jobs to qualified job seekers. For example, you can find great jobs every day on JobInventory from Smart Rhino Labs affiliated Job sites and

So, lets get started…

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So what does Smart Rhino Labs, LLC do exactly? And can I just say, that’s a great name by the way!

Well thanks, we certainly like it!  Actually, we carefully chose the Rhinoceros as our symbol because of its great strength. Not known for its intelligence, we added the “Smart” to emphasize the brilliance of our team, and “Labs” to indicate our ability to find better solutions to common but complicated problems.

But to answer your other question, we offer Recruitment Marketing Services to employers in a few different industries. We help them find candidates for their available positions, generate leads, set appointments for interviews, and ultimately hire the right talent.

Who are some of the Job Boards you represent then?

We own and operate,,,, and a handful of others.

What type of services and resources do you provide for the typical job seeker?

We help Job Seekers identify the opportunities that are available in their area. We also help them take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses.  And finally we help them make the preparations needed to land the job of their dreams through Education and Training opportunities, Resume help, Interview Skills, and more.

When did Smart Rhino Labs, LLC begin, and how has it evolved over time?

We started in 2011 after years of experience in online marketing and lead generation. We started off representing a small amount of clients in their Online Recruiting efforts and have since grown to a full service Digital Recruiting company.

Who is your main target audience?

We service various industries but have seen great success in helping talented Salespeople, Engineers, and Transportation Professionals to land their dream job.

What is it about your site or organization that is unique?

We’ve got a talented group of Recruiters in house whose sole purpose is helping our users track down the best positions, help them prepare for their interviews, and ultimately land them their dream job. If a user is genuinely interested in achieving their goals we’ve got the resources to help them succeed.

What would you like to say specifically to job seekers about your service?

If you’re looking for a new job or need the help of a Recruiter to get some clarity about how to land that dream job, check out our site(s) for more information!

If you could tell employers about your service what would you tell them?

If you’re looking for a talented team of Recruiting Professionals with cutting edge technology to help you bring in top talent, look no further! Reach out to us or visit us on the web at

Well, thanks very much for speaking to us about Smart Rhino Labs, LLC and the services and tools you provide to make sure your clients and job seekers achieve the results they are looking for! 

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