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Meet JobInventory Contributor LookSharp!

Today we’ll be chatting with JobInventory Contributor LookSharp, formerly InternMatch. LookSharp is a niche employment site specifically geared toward internship and entry level job search. In fact, LookSharp proudly boasts that employers looking for talent will find students and recent graduates seeking internships and jobs from every university, in every city, across the entire US, and with a student database of over 10 million it’s clear to see why this is true.

Of course, before there was LookSharp, there was InternMatch. However, as InterMatch evolved they began to realize that employers and students were asking for help with more than just internships. So, as a natural next step, they decided to build a marketplace for entry-level jobs as well and, after choosing a new name that better reflected their larger vision, LookShark was born. LookSharp has also significantly expanded the scope of it’s services. Employers can now turn to LookSharp for a wide variety of needs, from marketing, to analytics, to recruitment tracking.  In short LookSharp has now become a powerful, comprehensive tool for employers to not only find the best new talent, but also to build their brand, analyze their recruiting methods, and more efficiently manage their talent pipeline.

JobInventory is proud to count LookSharp as a highly valued Contributor to our job index. This means that if you are a student or recent graduate visiting JobInventory, you can be confident that you will always be able to find literally thousands of amazing LookSharp opportunities on our site that will be well matched to your goals and abilities.

So, now that we understand who LookSharp is, let’s really get to know them by asking them a few questions…






Thank you for sitting down with us today.

Can you go ahead and get us started by just summing up for us what it is that LookSharp is and does?

Sure, LookSharp is the largest online marketplace for employers to hire interns and new grads. LookSharp allows companies to easily post internships and entry-level jobs, as well as search 500,000+ student and new grad profiles to find your perfect hire.

Alright, then what specific services and resources do you provide for job seekers

Well on the job seeker side, we are the largest online marketplace for students to find internships and entry-level jobs. Students can build an online profile that is showcases skills that are unique to students without much experience. This includes project experience, courses, and skills. Save internships, get job alerts and access exceptional resources on everything from resume writing to how to apply to positions online.

How did LookSharp get started,and didn’t it evolve out of InternMatch?

Yes, that’s right, LookSharp began in 2009 under the name InternMatch. At the time we focused entirely on helping companies find the best intern talent. Career fairs are expensive and restrictive by location. InternMatch was built to help companies of all sizes recruit top talent from around the country and find matches that were right for them. In addition, we started with a unique focus on helping companies hire students who are the right culture fit. By letting companies showcase their brand online with rich video, photo, and social media content students can find companies where they truly want to work.

Who exactly is your target audience then?

Well, on the student side we focus on current college and graduate students as well as recent grads, 1-2 years out of school.

On the employer side we focus on all companies who do any intern or entry-level hiring. We have a particular focus on technology and business companies who hire large intern teams. Clients include NetApp, Amazon, Target, UPS, and more.

What is it about LookSharp that makes it distinct from other employment sites?

We have a massive student audience of over 10 million students which is roughly 50% of the total college audience.

We give employers easy tools to manage their brand online. They can create a Company Hub and showcase videos, picture and more about their employment brand. Employers can also search over 500,000 student profiles to pinpoint candidates who are the exact right fit for them.

What would you say specifically about LookSharp to the many students and recent grads who visit JobInventory everyday ?

Simply put, LookSharp is the easiest place online for students and recent grads to launch their career. Easily search thousands of roles, save them to your dashboard, and apply. Get the best resources possible to start your career search.

And what would you like to specifically say to employers?

At LookSharp you can tap into the largest online job marketplace for interns and new grads.

Is there anything else you think our readers may be interested to know, or be surprised to learn about your company.

LookSharp works with thousands of great companies big and small. This includes Facebook, Northwestern Mutual, Disney, Red Cross, Lyft, and more.

Alright, well thanks very much! It’s been great to get to know a little bit more about LookSharp and the many great services that you provide to both employers and job seekers through your website. Best of luck in your continued success! 

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