Great Paying Jobs You Can Get -With A Minimum Of Education

We know you’re busy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a great paying job that’s perfect for YOU.

Has the day come in your career where you find yourself seriously considering a job change? Do you suddenly find the day to day work routine lacking in challenge and excitement? Or, have you maybe come to the realization that you’re at a professional dead end, with promotions and pay hikes no longer possible. Or maybe, you simply hate your job? Sadly, it happens. Not only is this situation very frustrating, it will certainly affect your overall happiness and long term success. Sometimes perseverance can get you through the crisis, but usually the solution will require more drastic action, and for some, even major change.

Which is why, even in mid-life, you may find yourself contemplating  a fresh start.  The only problem is, fresh starts can often demand great investments of time and resources. Specifically, when changing careers, we often find that years of additional training and even higher education degrees are required. Obviously, this demands a great deal of expense and time to achieve. The prospect of this kind of commitment can be both daunting and problematic. For many workers it is the inability to meet this challenge that holds them back from positive change. Instead, they remain in a dead end job, unhappy and unproductive.

Whether due to family demands, life circumstances, or a need to continue working full time, there are plenty of valid reasons why it may seem difficult, if not impossible, to take that leap into a new career. However, the good news is, there actually are some very reasonable solutions out there. In fact blogger Danielle Blundell recently wrote a fascinating article geared toward those in exactly this situation. In her article Danielle focuses on six great paying jobs that are realistically achievable for even the busiest pf people -with a minimum of higher education coursework required. Perfect, right?

What’s also great about the jobs that Danielle mentions, is the fact  that openings for them can all  be found today on  JobInventory. We’ve listed Danielle’s recommendations below, with links to where you can find them on JobInventory, but for the full report and all of the details you should check out Danielle’s full article HERE.

So if you’re ready for a change, but think you’re too busy to get the training necessary, think again. Remember, it’s never too late to make a change. No more excuses, stop procrastinating, and visit us today at JobInventory to find your next job -you’ll be glad you did

Web Developer

Median Annual Salary: $63,160
According toThe Department of Labor: Getting started as Web Developer requires just an associate’s degree in web design or a related field.

Dental Hygienist

Median Annual Salary: $71,110
According toThe Department of Labor: Dental hygienists usually need only an associate’s degree in dental hygiene.

Police Officer

Median Annual Salary: $56,130
According toThe Department of Labor: Education requirements can be as minimal as a high school diploma.

Computer Support Tech 

Median Annual Salary: $46,420
According toThe Department of Labor: Some positions in this field require computer knowledge, but do not necessarily need a postsecondary degree.

Management/Business Analyst

Median Annual Salary: $79,870
According toThe Department of Labor: Only a bachelor’s degree is needed from a wide variety of possible fields to pursue this career.

Application Software Developer

Median Annual Salary: $92,660
According toThe Department of Labor: For this career you’ll only need a bachelor’s degree.

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